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2016 CSLN Partnership Awards and the CSLN John F. Murphy Memorial Award

2016 CSLN Partnership Awards and the CSLN John F. Murphy Memorial Award

The State of Rhode Island Office of Child Support Services is pleased to announce the 2016 recipients of the Child Support Lien Network Partnership Awards to the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services and Gallagher Bassett. The CSLN John F. Murphy Memorial Award will be presented to Barry J. Brooks of the Texas Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Division.

State Agency Recipient - Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services

The State of Louisiana has embraced and supported CSLN's application since 2008. During this time period, CSLN has processed more than 37,000 insurance claims and placed over 20,000 liens on behalf of the State of Louisiana. Louisiana takes full advantage of the CSLN optional services, including quality assurance activities and forms generation which streamline their insurance match processing. Louisiana dedicates its resources toward following up on the insurance liens with a team of child support professionals who continuously put forth diligent efforts to ensure the families in Louisiana receive long overdue child support payments. Their endeavors have paid off with an estimated $29 million in CSLN collections life to date. CSLN commends Louisiana's efforts in making their vision of "Helping individuals and families become self-sufficient" a reality!

CSLN is honored to recognize Louisiana as the 2016 recipient of the CSLN State Member Partnership Award.

Insurance Company Recipient - Gallagher Bassett

CSLN and the insurance industry have had an enormous, positive financial impact on the lives of children and families across the country. Gallagher Bassett, one of the nation's largest Third Party Administrators for insurance carriers, first partnered with CSLN in 2005, performing child support searches using the look up site. In 2007, Gallagher Bassett joined the automated daily matching option. Since then, CSLN has processed over 20,000 Gallagher Bassett insurance claims and released over 8,000 matches to its state members. Over the years, these insurance intercepts contributed more than $10 million dollars to families across the country. The two largest, single collections from Gallagher Bassett claims that have been documented within the CSLN system are $91,000 and $94,000. In addition to these significant intercepts, 22% of the reported collections exceed $5,000 per lien. It is evident that Gallagher Bassett strives to provide many families with the "best possible future" as stated in their Mission Statement:

"We believe businesses and people are a lot alike. They both want and deserve the best possible future. We identify and unlock better outcomes."

It is our distinct pleasure to acknowledge Gallagher Bassett as the 2016 recipient of the Insurance Member Partnership Award.

CSLN John F. Murphy Award - Mr. Barry J. Brooks, Managing Attorney of the Special Collections Unit, Texas Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Division

The State of Texas has partnered with CSLN since 2003, a few years before the first CSLN Partnership Awards ceremony was held. Since 2007, Mr. Barry J. Brooks, in his role of Managing Attorney for the Texas Special Collections Unit, consistently achieved record breaking CSLN collections year after year. Mr. Brooks' oversight and success with the CSLN insurance intercept and real property programs is unparalleled. He has also been instrumental in getting mandated laws passed through the Texas Legislature on insurance reporting to include life insurance and annuities. Mr. Brooks' team has filed over 112,000 insurance liens, including 8,850 on life insurance and annuities claims, and over 17,500 real property liens. Collections under his outstanding legal leadership have risen from $5.4 million in 2007 to $54.4 million in 2015 for insurance intercept, including $32 million from life insurance and annuity collections. Collections for real property have been equally remarkable, exceeding $58 million. These efforts have significantly enhanced the overall collections of the Special Collections Unit, bringing the total to more than $730 million since it was created in 2001. Mr. Brooks has been an invaluable asset in the public/private partnership that has become CSLN, clearly an admirable choice for this year's John F. Murphy Memorial Award.

Congratulations and a genuine thank you to all of this year's recipients! Your participation in the CSLN program is a leading example of the positive impact public/private partnerships can have in the community, helping children and families nationwide.

The recipients will receive their awards at the 12th Annual Rhode Island Child Support Conference to be held on May 20, 2016.

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