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CSLN Reaches $1 Billion in Collections!

CSLN Reaches $1 Billion in Collections!

In 1999, the Child Support Lien Network began working with just a handful of New England states to match delinquent child support obligors against workers' compensation and personal injury claims. Fourteen years, 32 states, and over 1,500 insurance companies later, CSLN has now helped collect over an estimated $1 billion in overdue child support for children across the country!


CSLN has had the pleasure of partnering with people in the child support and insurance industries nationwide, who truly understand the importance of getting families their overdue support. On our way to $1 billion, there have been many memorable collection stories that act as an inspiration for everyone involved in this often-demanding field.


  • Hawaii seized the largest collection in program history, to date, from a single intercept in January 2011 for $132,000, which covered the entire past-due support amount.
  • In May 2011, Kentucky intercepted over $47,800 from a single workers' compensation match. The custodial parent was so thrilled she said, "As we all know, money is hard to come by, and I am still not believing this is real! I am so tight with it, I still squeak!"
  • Missouri intercepted nearly $108,000 in late 2010, which paid the arrears owed on four delinquent child support cases. The combined efforts of the Missouri Department of Social Services, the insurance company, and the attorney were especially commended as two of the cases were considered for closure.
  • The State of New Jersey surpassed the $10 million collection milestone in January 2011 after having generated over 19,000 liens.
  • Texas has increased its insurance intercept collections substantially since joining CSLN in 2003. In FY2012 the State collected $35 million, averaging $2.9 million per month.


The Child Support Lien Network would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of its partners that made this milestone possible. Without the enthusiastic cooperation from the insurance and child support industries, this public/private partnership would not have been able to assist so many deserving children and families. We look forward to continued program growth and increased collections in the years to come!

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