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MAIS Exceeds $20 Million in Liens

MAIS Exceeds $20 Million in Liens

The end of June marked the closing of Rhode Island's Fiscal Year 2018 and a watershed achievement for their Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) and Medical Assistance Intercept System (MAIS) a staggering $20 million in liens applied since the State began leveraging MAIS back in 2013.

Another impressive feat is the uptick in actual lien amounts being recovered from a percentage standpoint. FY 18 had a collection to lien ratio of 70%, a marked increase from 65% the year preceding. Continued growth and success of the MAIS program can be attributed to the collaboration between Rhode Island's legal counsel and Office of Program Integrity. MAIS has enabled clear and effective communication between these entities by way of its proprietary web-based system, making it quicker and easier for State staff members to look at claims on an individual basis.

With evident and consistent traction being made from year to year, anticipation surrounds MAIS to see what Fiscal Year 2019 will hold for the State.

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