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Ohio Intercepts Sizeable Collection on Behalf of Two Families!

Ohio Intercepts Sizeable Collection on Behalf of Two Families!

The Ohio Child Support Program recently collected close to $75,000 from one single personal injury claim. In May of 2013, the Child Support Lien Network (CSLN) released a match from Safeco Insurance Company to Ohio's Mahoning County Child Support Office.

Ms. Sandi Rossi, Fiscal Child Support Supervisor, played an instrumental role in securing this collection. For over a year, Ms. Rossi continuously monitored the development of this claim working very closely with the claim handler, the non-custodial parent, and his attorney. Ms. Rossi's determination and dedication truly paid off. The settlement was distributed to two families, wiping out the entire arrears amounts in both cases. One grateful family received over $47,000 and another family graciously accepted over $26,000 in past-due child support. The non-custodial parent involved contacted Mahoning County CSEA to express his sincere contentment for the outcome of the intercept. Not only did the families benefit from the collection, but his child support arrears were also satisfied in full.

Congratulations to Ohio on a job well done and Safeco Isurance Company that also contributed to the success of this substatial insurance intercept!

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