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Texas Special Collections Unit Makes A Difference For Families

Texas Special Collections Unit Makes A Difference For Families

Continuing its record of impressive collections, the Texas Office of the Attorney General's Child Support Division, Special Collections Unit recently received two exceptional insurance collections, the first valued at $117,813.78 and the second worth over $71,000.

In September 2012, the Child Support Lien Network (CSLN) processed a bodily injury claim from the Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company. Upon release to the State of Texas, the child support staff, recognizing the potential for a significant settlement, diligently monitored the claim and tracked its progress. After two years of attentive oversight, the State then collected a substantial intercept in the amount of $117,813.78! This collection satisfied the total arrears amount and was distributed in its entirety to one appreciative family.

Texas also recorded another notable collection this September worth over $71,000. In this case, the match was with Continental Casualty Company, and once again, it fulfilled the total arrears obligation of the non-custodial parent. This collaborative effort between the state child support office and insurance companies provides some custodial parents with a unique opportunity to collect long overdue financial support they would not have otherwise received.

These impressive collections come on the heels of another record-breaking year for Texas, which collected an astounding $63 million in fiscal year 2014 through CSLN insurance intercepts, life insurance claims, and real property liens. CSLN's public/private partnership continues to grow in strength and effectiveness as evidenced by the value of collections and increased participation within the insurance industry and state membership. This positive relationship has proven that no matter how large or how small a collection may be, the impact is always significant for a family in need of financial resources.

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