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A Look Back from Sharon Santilli

A Look Back from Sharon Santilli

As we embark upon a new calendar year, I appreciate the opportunity to look back at the inception, progress, and success of the Child Support Lien Network (CSLN) and share some recent CSLN highlights and achievements.

As the nation's largest child support consortium, CSLN has had the privilege of facilitating and promoting the partnership between the insurance industry and the many member states in the effort to collect past due child support. Since its inception in 1999, CSLN has placed partnership, innovation, and value at the forefront of its mission, resulting in an array of highly effective collection programs.

This past year brought continued growth to the program despite tough economic times and restricted state budgets. Participation from the insurance industry steadily increases as more companies expanded their participation in 2014. In addition to new insurance partners, utilization of CSLN's various services was also on the rise as more state members took advantage of the program's life insurance matching, real property services, and Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM) solutions. These two factors combined, infused the program with an increase of qualified matches, which ultimately resulted in an increase in financial resources for many more children and families.

April of 2014 was a special month for CSLN, as it marked the network's 15th anniversary! CSLN's humble beginning started with a small group of progressive and forward thinking New England states. Since then, the Child Support Lien Network has solidly expanded into a national partnership between 31 states and over 1,800 insurance companies. During the course of its history, this vibrant consortium has resulted in collections of approximately $1.2 billion to date to offset the $80 billion owed in child support by the system's 3.8 million delinquent obligors.

This past year presented new challenges as well as successes for the child support community. Time and time again, I have witnessed that the passion and dedication of so many child support professionals overcomes difficult fiscal times. Without their commitment, thousands of children would not have received the financial support they need and deserve. I wish to thank all of our partners for their perseverance and devotion to the child support community.

To all those who diligently contribute to the CSLN program, best wishes for continued success in 2015!


Sharon A. Santilli

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