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2017 CSLN Partnership Awards and the CSLN John F. Murphy Memorial Award

2017 CSLN Partnership Awards and the CSLN John F. Murphy Memorial Award

The State of Rhode Island Office of Child Support Services is thrilled to announce the 2017 recipients of the Child Support Lien Network Partnership Awards to the Michigan Office of Child Support Services and National General Insurance Company. The CSLN John F. Murphy Memorial Award will be presented to Ms. Tressa Johnson of the Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement.

State Agency Recipient - Michigan Office of Child Support Services

Michigan has championed CSLN's application since 2008. The State's approach of incorporating the CSLN program into its own workflow has financially benefited the children and families it so passionately serves. Michigan submits close to 187,000 delinquent obligors to CSLN for daily insurance matching. Over the past 9 years, Michigan has processed more than 10,000 CSLN insurance claims, collecting an estimated $15.7 million in past due child support. Recognizing the value in the quality assurance activities CSLN performs on insurance matches, Michigan also takes full advantage of an optional service by sending CSLN their OCSE matched file for efficient processing. Michigan's committed, specialized team of child support professionals diligently pursues the insurance matches, capitalizing on all opportunities to collect past due child support. We look forward to Michigan's ongoing partnership and anticipate continued growth in future CSLN collections!

CSLN is honored to recognize Michigan as the 2017 recipient of the CSLN State Member Partnership Award.

Insurance Company Recipient - National General Insurance Company

CSLN and the insurance industry have had an enormous, positive financial impact on the lives of children and families across the country. National General's commitment to delivering quality insurance matches to state child support is evident through the dedication put forth by staff who provide timely, pertinent claim status information to CSLN. To date, CSLN has processed over 4,100 matched National General insurance claims and released just over 2,200 qualified claims to 32 child support agencies. National General Insurance Company has contributed an estimated $3.2 million in child support collections, nationwide. With over 25% of the reported collections exceeding $4,000 per lien, it is clear how life changing an insurance intercept can be for a family who rarely or never receives child support payments. With gratitude, we acknowledge National General Insurance Company as the 2017 recipient of the Insurance Member Partnership Award.

CSLN John F. Murphy Award - Ms. Tressa Johnson, Program Contract Administrator, Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement

The State of Virginia has partnered with CSLN since 2003. Ms. Tressa Johnson, in her role as Program Contract Administrator, recently embraced the task of revisiting the existing CSLN processes in Virginia. She quickly became knowledgeable with the CSLN Program and recognized the value and collection opportunities it brings to the Virginia Child Support Agency. Ms. Johnson's due diligence in the State's collaboration with the CSLN Program resulted in workflow enhancements, optimizing insurance collection potential for the children and families in Virginia. Ms. Johnson's enthusiasm and initiative towards the CSLN insurance intercept program is inspiring. From her expertise gained through productive and interactive information sessions with CSLN staff members, Tressa developed efficient, detailed procedures which outline the course an insurance match follows from start to finish. Ms. Johnson then created an awareness campaign and shared her extensive plan with the 20 district offices in Virginia. Over the past 14 years, Virginia has processed more than 20,400 CSLN insurance matched claims, collecting an estimated $30 million in past due child support. Ms. Johnson has undeniably made a positive impact on Virginia's child support collection efforts, directly contributing to the State's mission of promoting strong, self-reliant families. Congratulations and a sincere thank you to all of this year's recipients! Your participation in the CSLN program is an inspiring example of the positive impact public/private partnerships can have in the community, helping children and families nationwide.

The recipients will receive their awards at the 13th Annual Rhode Island Child Support Conference to be held on June 2, 2017.

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